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FAQ - Elektrona Flash Feeder Compact


?: Is there any advantage in using Flash Feeder Compact instead of an electrical gasoline generator?

A: Using Flash Feeder Compact means you can start shooting immediately when you reach your chosen location. All you have to do is plug-in your flash unit and switch on Flash Feeder Compact. There is no noise and no fume, or any starting operations and problems as occurring with a gasoline generator. Besides, in some places such as remote churches or caves you cannot use a generator because of fume.




?: Why can't I use low cost inverters already available on the market?
A: Trapezoidal wave inverters are generally useless for supplying flashes. Not only that they cannot drive flashes, they could also damage them. Flash Feeder's inverter (due to its special design for supplying flashes) effectively solves problems, which usually appear due to incompatibility between the inverter's output and the shape of flash's current consumption. That means that it could be comparable only to high quality sinus wave inverters of over 1000 W continuous output power. Such inverters are also much bigger and heavier. Even such powerful inverters usually do not have enough smooth (filtered) output shape and might cause uncontrolled auto-triggering of flashes while supplying several flashes simultaneously.  


?: What is the difference between Flash Feeder Compact and studio type battery flashes already available on the market?
A: Flash Feeder Compact has been designed for photographers who already have their own studio flash equipment. Therefore, for correct price-value estimate, the customer should compare Flash Feeder Compact to battery flash generators including chargers, batteries etc., available on the market. For example, if you buy one studio type battery flash you need to buy also a battery charger or better fast battery charger, dedicated flash head, 12 V car adapter (24 V truck, bus, boat adapters are usually not available), and probably some accessories which would fit to this type of a flash head. Considering the total price of all these items, you will find Flash Feeder Compact a very economical solution.

Flash Feeder Compact has all these items already built-in in a single heavy-duty case. As you probably already have your own flash equipment, you don't need to buy any additional accessories.


?: What will be the recycle speed of the flash during the whole session until the battery is discharged?
A: In most cases the recycle speed is practically the same as when the flash is connected to the mains voltage and depends only on flash capabilities. Some flashes with high current peaks may have longer recycle times. The recycle speed may also be slower when supplying more than one flash simultaneously (it depends on the entire current of connected flashes). So, for photography where the recycle speed is of great importance (fashion photography), we recommend using one Flash Feeder Compact for each high current flash unit.  
?: Is it possible to replace discharged internal batteries on location?
  A: Yes, it is possible very easy by opening the battery compartment. Another possibility is to simply connect (by original DC cord with clamps and a connector) any 12 or 24 V battery directly to Flash Feeder Compact to extend autonomy and/or to recharge internal batteries at the same time. So, it is up to you what type and capacity of battery you will connect to Flash Feeder Compact. Another advantage is that you can use low cost car batteries with very large capacity (up to 100 Ah and more).    
?: What can I do if Flash Feeder Compact stops due to a low battery and I don't have any external battery?
  A: When you receive the first beep signal from Flash Feeder Compact, warning you that the internal battery approaches low level, there is still some energy left before Flash Feeder Compact stops automatically. (At that point the feature of sealed lead acid batteries comes out.) If you turn off the main switch and wait for a few minutes, the battery will be partly recovered, and some additional flashes will be available again. If you wait longer you get more additional energy. With this procedure, which can be repeated several times, the autonomy can be extended up to 30%.    
?: Battery flash with car's cigarette lighter adapter usually doesn't charge unless the car's engine is on. What about Flash Feeder Compact?
  A: Flash Feeder Compact has a special built-in fast charger (switched mode power supply), which can charge internal battery and also external battery even when the car's engine does not run.    
?: There could be a problem while starting the car's engine if Flash Feeder Compact completely discharges the car's battery, couldn't it?
  A: There will be no such a problem when using Flash Feeder Compact. It has an automatic protection, which switches off the charger when the car's battery still has enough energy to safely start the car's engine. The automatics also recognizes the type of connected battery (12 or 24 V), so there will also be no problem when using 24 V battery e.g. in bus.    
?: Is it possible to use a model lamp?
  A: A model lamp can be used with most flashes, but we recommend to use it only when necessary and for short time in order not to waste energy. In general, model lamps, which have no regulation work very well. Regulated model lamps might have reduced output power and in some cases even don't work well.  



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